I'm Lanya ("lane-yah") â€” a creative director and marketing strategist based in New York City.

With my background in behavioral psychology, I optimize the products that I create around user needs. My designs align user actions with business goals to deliver real-world results.
Copyright 2006 Phoebe Cheong, all rights reservedCopyright 2006 Phoebe Cheong, all rights reserved

Photo by Le CultureClubâ„¢. Photographed by Phoebe Cheong Photography.

I am the co-founder and Creative Director of Le CultureClub, a wellness diagnotics company delivering personalized skincare insights. Formerly, at Code and Theory and HubSpot.

Some of my client work has included projects like:
  1. A mobile app for freelancers
  2. CPG product marketing microsites
  3. An e-commerce platform
  4. A publishing and membership website
  5. A political action web platform
  6. A tablet app for energy audits
  7. Logo design
  8. Mobile apps for customer retention

I love meeting up with other designers and creatives. Feel free to email me at lanya.designs@gmail.com.